Amanda Blain, RYT
Yogic Psychology Specialist
Therapeutic Movement Coach 

Psyche-Body-Soul Training

Embody fresh possibilities rooted in self-worth and confidence. 

Psyche-Body-Soul Training helps you dissolve the 

core causes of relationship disharmony, stagnation, emotional challenges, anxiety & stress, and other psychosocial concerns.

Register for Resolving Resentment in Relationships workshop on October 17

Therapeutic Movement


Train your psyche and body to feel safe, supported, and confident in an unpredictable world.

Therapeutic Movement Classes train you to calm your nervous system, enhance your movement patterns for more flexibility and stability, and improve your overall health. 

Register now for Therapeutic Movement Classes beginning October 7. 

Soulful Conversations

Watch the video for a conversation about replacing  misunderstanding and confusion with empathy and intuition. 

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