Amanda Blain, RYT
Yogic Psychology & Trauma Specialist
Movement Coach

Your Relationship with Yourself Determines Everything

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If you are experiencing repetitive emotional triggers or chronic stress in your psyche, body, and relationships, you can find clarity and balance by safely exploring your subconscious patterns. I am here to help you remap your physiology and neurology so you can experience the power of ending these inner wars. As a survivor of trauma and healer of PTSD, I know how helpless it can feel when recurring stress interferes with your quality of life. 

Psyche Body Soul offers experiential education to increase yourse your power to maintain healthy boundaries, and the skills to liberate your mind and body from fatigue, anxiety, confusion, sleep disorders, emotional stagnation, relationship conflict, tension, pain, illness, and trauma. 

Talking about our challenges can be cathartic, but the world's leading psychology experts have discovered that we must shift our physiology and create new neural pathways to truly evolve beyond the burdens of stress. Consistent training can help us move forward rather than remaining stuck in stress-inducing habits. 

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Therapeutic Movement 

Primal Vinyasa® 

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