Amanda Blain, RYT
Yogic Psychology Specialist
Therapeutic Movement Coach 

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Energetics of Relationship Training

How can you breakthrough recurring triggers and conflicts?

In this training, you will be guided on: 

  • identifying your dissociative patterns that block healing

  • self-soothing techniques that can support your healing

  • building a loving a relationship with all parts of yourself

  • understanding the psychology of relationship conflict

  • using emotional triggers as a portal into healing

  • shifting behavioral patterns with left-right brain integration

  • navigating the psyche-body connection for healing

  • increasing intuition and empathy through your own healing


Science meets Intuition meets Movement

Your body does not lie.


Contained within our postures, gestures, and movement patterns is the truth about how we feel about ourselves and our value in the world.


Therapeutic Movement and Primal Vinyasa™ can help you establish an inner sense of safety and stability, mobilizing you to skillfully and intuitively navigate an unpredictable world.

Tailored to meet the specific needs of each participant, these classes also target misalignment, stiffness, chronic neck, back, and hip pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. 

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