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Embody Your Nature

Your transformative power exists within your natural design. The key is learning how to use it. 

I offer customized experiences using clinically effective approaches to help heal conflicts of the psyche and body. As a survivor and healer of trauma, I am a dedicated holistic therapy professional who personally understands the challenges and rewards of transformation. 

I train clients to: 

Use individualized holistic movement to improve the function of body and mind

Use natural instinct and intuitive neural activity to heal emotional triggers and trauma symptoms

Transition from the healing phase into empowered embodiment with clear purpose

Get Results with Customized Experiences

Ever wonder why talk therapy doesn't heal your stress? 


Stress and trauma are physiological experiences, existing at the level of your body, and linked to the brain's sub-cortex. Talk therapy only works with the neo-cortex of the brain. 


Hours of talking about stress often results in reinforcing the neural pathways that keep stress intact. 

Leading psych and trauma experts know that transformation requires that we work with the sub-cortex of the brain and train our sensory system to feel, sense, and embody an empowered new reality. 

Access transformation through your natural design with these experiences, customized for you:

Self-Study Sessions

Primal Vinyasa® Customized Movement Classes

Rebirth Workshops

Trauma-Informed Psyche-Body Training

Shift from Healing to Embodiment

What’s the difference between healing and embodiment?

Embodiment is shamelessly and skillfully navigating your inner landscape - permissioning yourself to be raw & real; freedom from repression, suppression, and self-oppression.

Embodiment is knowing when and how to implement effective tools for anchoring new inspiration, and continuously renewing your senses of safety, stability, and adaptability as you encounter new challenges and novel experiences.

Embodiment is accepting the contrast of life, the fluctuations of feelings, emotions, and sensation, and embracing identity-death and personal rebirth as a part of the natural cycles of existence.

Embodiment is extending grace and patience to others as they struggle, breakthrough, and undergo their own unique cycles of death and rebirth.

Embodiment is allowing your instincts to work for you. Of being reunited with your nature. Of shaming no part of your human condition. Of marveling over the design of your innate intelligence system.

Embodiment is trusting your intuition. Of clear discernment between truth and non-truth.

Embodiment is conservation of energy. Just like a flower reaches high for the sunlight while staying firmly planted in the nutritious soil, this aspect of embodiment occurs when we non-negotiably expand in the direction of ONLY nourishment.

Embodiment is honing your ability to receive what you deeply need, with unwavering commitment to serve your role within the natural order of the ecosystem.

Shift from healing to embodiment with me in the upcoming online training, Understanding Trauma on September 25.

All Psyche Body Soul offerings are guided by Amanda Blain, a holistic therapy practitioner specializing in yogic psychology and trauma-informed therapeutic approaches through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. She is also a functional and therapeutic movement coach and Yoga Alliance registered teacher certified in Primal Vinyasa® and Tantric Hatha.