Free webinar October 29, 2022  at 11:00am Mountain Time (GMT-6)

The subconscious mind governs over 90% of your perceptions, emotions, and relationships ... and it  influences what you allow yourself to pursue and create in life.


If you've been feeling stuck (even after years of personal growth or therapy) then it's time to recognize that most coaching, therapy, and self-help approaches work with the conscious mind, while it is the SUBCONSCIOUS that governs most of your daily felt-experiences. 


If you've been craving a DIFFERENT APPROACH, then this webinar is for you. 


We'll explore practical tools that have already enabled hundreds of students and clients to shift cyclical stress, recurring emotional triggers, professional procrastination, scarcity mindset, relationship chaos, and repressed creativity. 

It's free, so register now to reserve your spot.