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"There HAS to be more to life!" 

screamed millions of people across the world at the same time....

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Raise your hand if...

something big is changing inside of you and you're feeling disoriented & lonely

you feel detached from the life you've been living, and you know something different & meaningful awaits you

you're concerned about the health of the planet and the state of the world

you want to be part of an eco-conscious, humanitarian community, collaborating for world change

You don't have to feel alone anymore!

In the past few years 

millions of people around the world


have been simultaneously tapping into 


a revolutionary part of their soul


that came here to bring radical change 


to an obsolete paradigm. 


Sign-up now to get free access to: 
  • 3 inspirational talks on why people all over the world are experiencing mass awakening right now and how this relates to the health of our planet

  • 1 pre-recorded coaching session to help you Cope with Big Change including loss, relationship endings, and identity deaths, personal rebirths, and widening your life purpose

  • 3 body-centered therapy practices including Primal Vinyasa®, Qi-gong, Acupressure, and Vagus Nerve Reset to soothe your psyche and body as you navigate big change

  • 50-minute Masterclass on how your Health and Relationships are impacted by overstimulation and overworking

  • 1 sneak peek at a gorgeous regenerative project happening in our Mayan community in Guatemala

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Amanda Blain
Holistic Biopsychosocial Therapist 
Stress and Trauma Specialist 
Cross-cultural Educator 
Leadership Coach

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Do I have toska?

to-ska [tō-skən  a deep longing of the soul

(In other words, I feel there HAS to be more to life than this and I ask myself every day why things are great on paper but something big feels like it's missing)

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