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Meet Amanda
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I was born a highly sensitive person growing up in a rough world that didn't make sense to me. My lineage has endured generations of trauma, and I would become the first in my family to attempt to heal it. 

I have experienced firsthand the detriment that stigma, shame, and reductionist approaches to mental health can cause for families and communities. 

I have come face-to-face with the suffering that persists because we live in a world whose institutions refuse to acknowledge natural design as a resource for sustainability, healing, and transformation. 

I have experienced feeling like there was nowhere to turn and no one to understand as the world continues to run itself ragged, obsessed with productivity and profit, isolated from the fact that trauma affects everyone's life and our communities at large. 


I host space where others who feel they're living in a world that doesn't make sense can take refuge. If you've found this page, then may my work be an open door to the power of our own sensory system, and may your own work bring sense to a world that so desperately needs it. I am honored to be with you in this mission. 

Read more below to see how my experiences are leading to remarkable results within my therapy practice. 

Exploring alternate paths
Doctor's Appointment

As a Patient Care Consultant working with dialysis clinics in Chicago, I observed the link between mental health and physical health. I implemented comprehensive programs to include psychological support, nutrition, and patient and family education. The clinics with which I worked began to report reductions in hospitalizations and improved outcomes. This was quantifiable evidence that addressing the psyche and body as a connected whole really works. 

I was inspired by the success of my programs, but disillusioned by industry norms that prioritized profits over impact. It was time to explore alternate paths to serve. In 2013, I joined the U.S. Peace Corps. 

Honing skills in Africa
House in Guinea Bissau

I was sent to Limpopo, South Africa, where I lived and worked among the Venda tribe and apprenticed with two former United Nations consultants and mind-body science experts who forever changed my worldview, David Patient and Neil Orr. 

Patient was diagnosed with HIV in 1983, when he was told by doctors that he had maybe six months to live. At a time when modern medicine had no answers for him, he pioneered his own holistic treatment plans including nutrition, mental health support, and emotional healing. He lived another 34 years beyond his initial fatal prognosis, and was the longest living person with AIDS until 2017 when he died of other causes.


For over 20 years Patient collaborated with psycho-neuro-immunologist Neil Orr on international projects for social, health, and economic development. Together they co-authored the book, The Healer Inside You. Under their tutelage, from 2013-2015, my understanding of the psyche-body link expanded beyond anything I'd learned through formal education. 

Healing with body-centered therapy
Wet Feet

After 14 months of Peace Corps service, I developed debilitating asthma, inflammatory dis-ease, and a hormone imbalance. Doctors offered medication, but none were effective. 

This struggle led me to Thotme, a body-centered psychotherapist and spiritual teacher. I realized that I had been overworking in an unsustainable manner, which caused me to miss essential cues from my sensory system. This was a pattern stemming from unhealed trauma and a subconscious fear of "not being enough." It was time to heal myself.  


Where talk therapy seemed to reinforce my old ways of feeling and operating, body-centered therapy helped me heal from decades of trauma and gradually all of my symptoms disappeared. I became inspired to help others achieve the same results, and apprenticed with Thotme for over five years. 

Journey into holistic clinical therapy

During this time I also discovered the work of Annie Adamson, founder of Primal Vinyasa® and Primal Therapeutics®. After personally experiencing the transformative power of these trauma-informed modalities, I chose to become certified in each of them in my path to becoming a holistic clinical therapist.

I am also educated in Peter Levine's Trauma Healing, Pat Ogden's Sensorimotor Therapy for Dissociation and the Body, and numerous courses through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. 

As a therapist who has accessed the psyche-body link to personally heal from PTSD and chronic dis-ease, I now assist clients to do the same. My approach incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine, yogic psychology, sensory-motor therapy, body-centered trauma support, and clinical herbalism. 

Approaches that get results
Sandy Beach

When we learn to listen to the messages of our body's sensory system, we harmonize and heal our psyche and body. In my practice I see this approach work even for clients who were discouraged by decades of traditional therapy. It's powerful to finally see results when nothing else seemed to help.


In a world that prioritizes productivity, profit, and material over individual well-being and planetary health, I am here to offer solutions that reunite us with the medicine of natural design and help us come home to our senses. 

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