I used to make my living as a columnist and journalist for a newspaper chain based in my home state of Illinois. My work as a writer has always been about illuminating the human condition, empowering hearts and minds through vulnerable human interest stories, and expanding worldviews through travel and culture pieces based on my time in the U.S. Peace Corps and as a traveling teacher in yogic psychology and personal development. 

Due to industry changes in publishing, my income disappeared abruptly in September 2020 when the newspapers I wrote for were bought out by a large media corporation, which significantly cut all journalists' rates and informed us they would no longer pay for content published online. We journalists unfortunately do not have the means to work for free.

I have launched this platform to bring content directly to you. With my dynamic experience and expertise in social development, holistic health, and international relations, and my passion for expression, I am committed to bringing you content that will leave you feeling nourished, inspired, and confident about being a ripple of change in your own communities.  I hope that you will support independent journalism and online education by becoming a monthly subscriber to my blog or, if you feel called, making a donation. This will help me cover the costs of maintaining this platform.


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