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Psyche Body Soul Embodiment Online Training

Psyche Body Soul Embodiment Live Zoom Training

(Recorded for those who cannot attend live)

Date: February 20, 2021           Time: 11am - 1pm MT              Price: $55


What if stress is a masterful communicator, serving as the gateway to inner freedom?

What if you could decode the messages of your psyche and body to honor your deepest needs?

What if fear and judgment are intuitive helpers for embodying your intrinsic power and life purpose? 

Embodiment is sensing, noticing, and feeling the truth of the moment, as it exists within your psyche, body, and soul. This empowers you to redirect your neurons, change your physiology, and literally create fresh possibilities and experiences at all levels of your being and in your relationships.


These fresh possibilities can manifest as feeling regulated within your nervous system amid challenges, as an intuitive shift in your communication that brings clarity to a challenging relationship, or as unwavering confidence in your higher life purpose. The possibilities for fresh experiences are endless when you heed the cues of your psyche, body, and soul.

In this Zoom training, you will:

  • Explore relationship energetics to cultivate higher understanding,  healthy boundaries, and authentic communication

  • Expand subconscious awareness to illuminate and shift self-defeating behavioral patterns

  • Align with the vibration of Support, and use this vibration for transmutation amid psycho-emotional spirals

  • Use the psyche-body link to decode stress, judgment, and fear to honor your psycho-emotional and social needs

  • Experience therapeutic posture, movement, and somatics for increased mind-body-spirit coherence

This session is taught by Yogic Psychology Specialist and Therapeutic and Functional Movement Coach Amanda Blain, a Yoga Alliance registered teacher certified in Primal Vinyasa™, Tantric Hatha, and specializing in trauma-informed therapeutic approaches through the National Institute for the Clinical Application for Behavioral Medicine.