Energetics of Relationship Online Training


Dear Trainees,


Please bookmark this page, as the links to this training are intentionally private/hidden, so you will not be able to find this content from this website's menu nor on YouTube. Since I tailored this training to meet the specific needs of each participant, this content may not be appropriate for everyone - depending on their personal experiences with trauma, etc. So, please, please do not share these links with non-registrants.

Soon this page will also house your Energetics of Relationship e-book to assist you in bringing the key concepts, healing practices, and journal prompts into your life for full embodiment. 


You will have access to a 60-minute movement practice to hone your skills of: 


  1. cultivating an inner sense of safety and acceptance of all parts of yourself 

  2. nurturing your relationship with all parts of yourself 

  3. exploring a new relationship with the world as a reflection of the expanding relationship with yourself

To get the most out of this training, please email me to schedule your decompression call. This is a one-on-one phone conversation that helps us clarify any aspects of the training you found confusing, and helps you integrate the material into your life for full embodiment. 


Thank you again for choosing to do this deep work, and remember that every time you serve yourself, you are also serving the collective, steering civilization in the direction of empathy, understanding, and cooperation. 

Contact me at amanda@psychebodysoul.com

With love, 

Amanda Blain

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