Ever felt fatigued by muscle tension, short of breath from anxiety, knots in your stomach due to worry?

You are feeling this because there is constant information exchange between your thoughts, emotions, body, and brain. Learning to skillfully navigate the psyche-body link, can help you diminish limitations and restrictions at all levels of your being. 

I offer customized self-care classes to help heal conflicts of the psyche and body. As a survivor of trauma, healer of PTSD, and holistic therapy professional, I specialize in therapeutic movement, yogic psychology, and trauma healing to help clients reduce stress, optimize the function of their bodies, and release emotional suffering.

The results: 

Have the skills to regulate your nervous system & heal trauma

Improved posture, reduction in chronic stiffness, tension & pain, moving freely, and feeling strong & vibrant

Courage to set healthy boundaries, take healthy risks, and align your life with your heart's yearning

Unlock the psyche-body link
Get Results with my classes

Ever wondered why just talking about your stress doesn't result in long-lasting transformation?


Talk therapy addresses the neo-cortex of the brain. But stress and trauma are physiological experiences, associated with the

sub-cortex - which links to your autonomic nervous system. 


The world's leading psychology experts and trauma specialists have discovered that to create new experiences in our lives, we must create new experiences in our body by shifting our physiology. 

Get results with these upcoming classes: 

Self-Study Sessions

Primal Vinyasa® Customized Movement Classes

Rebirth Workshops

Trauma-Informed Psyche-Body Training

Rebirth your Psyche & Body with private sessions

In private Psyche-Body sessions you will

expand your relationship with yourself so you can: 

Befriend your nervous system & reduce stress

Reduce self-shame & inner conflict 

Heal emotional wounds & relationships

Take healthy risks & set healthy boundaries

Establish a sense of inner safety & resilience

Skillfully navigate the psyche-body link

Unlock your intuition and instinctual wisdom