Primal Vinyasa®

Let movement be medicine for your psyche, body, and soul

In Primal Vinyasa® classes, you will liberate yourself from limiting habits in your body and psyche by conditioning your anatomy, training your physiology,  and creating new neural pathways in your brain. 

Your natural human design is built for dynamism, but modern life is often lived in the same postures, moving in the same way every day, while experiencing repetitive psycho-social stress. The result: lethargy, injuries, chronic pain, stagnant emotions, and an ungraceful aging process. 

Primal Vinyasa® can revive you from these conditions with these 5 movement categories:



Functional alignment, joint range of motion, spinal mapping, primal squats, core and breath mechanics, controlled descent, kneeling, & more

Ground Reaction Force

Push and pull, expand and contract, squat and stand to skillfully move energy in your body, psyche, and environment

Sensory Processing

Enhance proprioceptive, 

interoceptive, & vestibular senses for stability, coordination, adaptability, and resilience 


Rock, squat, row, balance, and traverse diverse terrain to expand the dynamism of your body and psyche


Stabilize, mobilize, strengthen, and heal as you coordinate simultaneous movement from opposite sides of your body

This functional and yogic movement system was created by movement revolutionary Annie Adamson, and is taught on Psyche Body Soul exclusively by Amanda Blain, who is a Primal Vinyasa® certified instructor, trained directly by Adamson.

Amanda is also a Yogic Psychology Specialist, Therapeutic and Functional Movement Coach, and Yoga Alliance registered teacher specializing in trauma-informed therapeutic approaches through the National Institute for the Clinical Application for Behavioral Medicine. 

All classes are available live or via video playback.
All classes are customized to meet the needs of participants. Need not attend live to register. 
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