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The Sacred Path

A women's truth-finding journey in psyche, body, and soul...
Do you want to be a creator or a creation? 

The world is constantly telling us what is right and wrong, what we should fight for or against, and even which language to use as we communicate with our peers. While these constructs are often presented in ways that appeal to our sensitivities and fears, they are impositions of the external world on our inherent right to refer within to know ourselves. 

Original self-expression does not fit into a prescribed formula. It is organic, dynamic, and often unpredictable, and when these qualities are stripped from us, we become a creation of the world instead of a creator of our own personalities. This is tragic, because what we really lose is the freedom to be ourselves ... and the ability to approach the chaos of life as a natural step towards our own evolution. 

The Sacred Path is a women's program that promotes an unapologetic turning inward, so we may be guided by what lives within us, and own our rightful position as a co-creator of the culture in which we live, rather than as a mere product of it. 

Train with Amanda Blain, Holistic Biopsychosocial Therapist, trauma specialist, and leadership coach

For over 13 years, I've studied and worked with mind-body science experts throughout the world. In 2013, I left my corporate role in Chicago and joined the U.S. Peace Corps which led me to serve in Limpopo, South Africa. 

There, I found home among indigenous tribes who began their mornings with song, who danced to summon support for their endeavors, and who shared their affections so freely that I recognized just how emotionally repressed I had been living. This reminded me of many powerful aspects of myself that modern American culture had taught me to deprioritize.

Later, my personal struggles with PTSD required that I liberate myself from this repression by developing an inquiry-based relationship with my psyche and body in order to heal. 


Today, I offer trauma-skilled, self-inquiry programs that connect individuals to their internal mysteries and truths - a  journey that results in living by one's own prescriptions for harmony (rather than by the influences of a statistically dysfunctional society).

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What one student had to say...

"I was able to access parts of myself that I have never been able to access. I felt the freedom to experience whatever came up without judgment. Amanda is an amazing guide, helping me access the parts of me that are dying to come out. I felt safe, loved, and supported. I now have so much more insight into myself and my relationship."   


-Kate in Illinois 

You'll explore these topics...
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Month 1: Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind governs over 90% of our emotions, self-expressions, habits, and relationship dynamics. It also has a huge impact on how we feel inside of our bodies. 

The subconscious exists first and foremost at the level of our felt-sense, which begins as subtle internal sensations and then incites narratives and emotional stories. This is an abstract realm that governs the quality of our experiences as humans. It is usually overlooked and unaddressed by the vast majority of therapists who have not mastered an experiential understanding of the subconscious and therefore cannot guide others into this work. 

In this module, you will begin bringing the hidden contents of your subconscious mind into your conscious awareness. This is the foundation of psycho-emotional healing. 

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Month 2: Subconscious Projections & Emotional Themes
Now that you have expanded your subconscious awareness, let's explore how your subconscious perceptions help to create some of your life's emotional themes (and even some conflicts and struggles). 

This work will allow you to see yourself and your relationships from subconscious-informed perspective. You will be provided with a new pathways for exiting longstanding cycles of stress. 

We will also use body-based sensory awareness to learn the art of cultivating new inner narratives and felt-experiences that align with the wisdom of your heart. 
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Month 3: Self-Expression 
How have your subconscious perceptions influenced your self-expression? 

What patterns of self-expression are serving your highest good right now? 

How would you like to utilize your self-expression to support you moving forward? 

What are your challenges around self-expression and how can subconscious awareness, emotional digestion, and an expanded relationship with your felt-sense help you overcome these challenges? 
Milk and Flower Bath
Month 4: Original Wounds 
The sacred human experience means that in some way, we will experience pain, repression, heartache, or perceived limitation in our lives. These wounds imprint our psyche and body, and greatly influence the way we interact with the world. 

Now that you have established a strong foundation of subconscious and emotional awareness and an ability to support yourself in this unique path, it is time to look with the eyes of love at what you consider to be some of your original wounds. 

You will assess how certain perceptions and behaviors may be reinforcing old wounding, and how you can recognize, sense, and claim the gifts hidden in these challenging imprints, while evolving the aspects of your identity that have felt limited by them. 
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Month 5: Masculine and Feminine Imprints
Our subconscious creates many definitions and allegorical stories of the masculine and feminine. This has a major influence on our psycho-emotional blueprint, relationships, and self-expression. 

Every human has deeply established subconscious behaviors that govern ho
w we perceive and interact with masculine and feminine figures in our lives and how we utilize our very own masculine and feminine energies. 

How have your early imprints of masculine and feminine affected your life path and felt experience in the world?

How have those imprints blessed your life? 

And how might you wish to heal or even evolve those imprints? 

Forest Trees
Month 6: From Healing to Embodiment
This month will be entirely customized for each individual based on their unique experience with the program content.

We will use this time to clear confusion, refine healing processes, and create a roadmap for personal mastery that will empower you to come away from the program feeling like you are truly the embodiment of what you've learned.

Upon completion of this program, you have the option to continue your journey in the Sacred Path Advanced Educational Therapy Program.  

How it all happens... 

Monthly Lecture 

Watch the monthly video lecture to grasp an intellectual understanding of each topic

Online Training Portal

Access your private online training portal anytime, anywhere


Monthly 1-1 Session

Complete a guided self-inquiry session with Amanda to deepen your inner journey

Mobile App

Our mobile app enables you to ask questions and to keep in touch between sessions


Weekly Exercises

Each week, you will be prompted to invite a new lens of awareness into your daily life to expand your self-discoveries

Bi-monthly Sensory Practices

Receive 2 somatic practices each month to cultivate a felt embodiment of the material

Now enrolling for programs beginning in 2023! 

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