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Sensory Motion™

How does it feel to live in your skin?

Feel it in your body, and your mind will follow...

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Confident Curvy Woman
Your body is not an object to conquer or an aesthetic to perfect. It is an intelligent, conscious being with over 30 trillion cells organizing on your behalf in this very moment. 

Commercialized ideas about how our bodies should look can fracture us from the intelligence within our physical design. Sensory Motion™ is about reclaiming your relationship with your body as a vessel of instinct, intuition, and sensory communication that knows exactly what you need to live your most meaningful experiences yet. 

Shed the issues in your tissue...

Mother and Child on Beach
Your body holds the stories of your life. Stressful experiences can freeze our tissue, terrorize our nervous system, and throw off our bio-chemistry. But we can shed the past by training our sensory neurons to feel, sense, and notice contrasting experiences in the body. World leading psych and trauma experts have found that when the body feels a new experience, the mind follows. This is why body-centered therapies are so effective for chronic disease and disorders - including PTSD. 
Older woman in lotus pose by the sea

Regenerate your cells...

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Health, resilience, and transformation require a "work-in" - not just a work-out. Repetitive movements and postures keep us stuck in old patterning while fitness fads emphasize aesthetics often at the cost of internal health. Aren't your time and energy deserving of more?

Sensory Motion™ movement therapy focuses on internal fitness with emphases on cellular regeneration, tissue rehab, lymphatic cleansing, acupressure for organ vitality and psycho-emotional balance, and somatic meditation to align you with your body's instinct and intuition. 

See what clients are saying below. 
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What clients are saying...

"These are unlike any program that I've taken before. The practices have awakened me to my body's health needs and I feel more connected to myself.

An added bonus for the online clinic is that I have the space and privacy to process personal stuff when I need to, and I've witnessed myself releasing trauma from body as a result. Amanda's offerings are true medicine."

Hilary in Texas

“I am feeling parts of my body that I don’t normally feel! During meditation I had an emotional release that came out of nowhere. I don’t always have an emotional reaction in class and when I do I know its something special." 

Denise in Massachusetts

Let's design a Sensory Motion™ program just for you.

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