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Amanda Blain 
Holistic Clinical Therapist 
Trauma Specialist 
Leadership Coach 
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When nothing else seems to help...

Overworking? People pleasing? Post-trauma symptoms? Mental health crisis?


These are experiences I know well as a former Peace Corps volunteer who exhausted myself into illness while serving in Africa and battling PTSD. I know the demoralizing feeling that comes when all the self-help books, personal growth programs, and therapy modalities fail to deliver results. 


Out of necessity, I was forced to discover holistic therapies that could heal me from the inside out … and once I finally did, I knew I had to become a master of that sacred medicine in order to assist others, like me, who had so much to offer the world, but who were feeling hopeless about the odds of finding proper support for themselves.


My programs integrate somatic psychology, movement therapy, and Chinese Medicine to help us zoom-in on 3 key areas that most traditional therapists overlook:

1. Psycho-emotional wellness must include gut health, nutrition, and motion to support brain chemistry ... otherwise you're stuck in a never-ending loop of chasing down symptoms. 

2. To create sustainable transformation in our inner worlds, relationships, and bodies ... and to heal trauma ... we must have a skilled relationship with our sensory system. Otherwise, you burnout from rehashing stories in talk therapy while reliving the same habits and triggers in your daily life. 

3. The subconscious mind governs over 90% of our emotions, self-expression, reactions, and relationship dynamics. If we want more than temporary changes ... if we really want to rebirth ourselves for the long-haul, the subconscious mind must be prioritized in therapy work (a truth that Carl Jung emphasized). 


In ten years of observing what does and does not work, I've combined the most effective holistic clinical therapies that I've discovered in programs that have never failed at offering clients the breakthroughs they were seeking. 

When we work together, you will also learn to master the most challenging aspects of yourself, and you'll rebrand your life beyond disorder, disharmony, and disease. Who are you beneath all of that ... and are you ready to meet that person? 

I work with individuals from all walks of life - many of whom discovered Psyche Body Soul after decades of unsuccessful therapy. These same people are now experiencing themselves beyond their old wounds and perceived weaknesses and launching into their most meaningful work yet ... 


Read on to learn about how they feel to finally get results - when nothing else seemed to help. 

What clients are saying...

"Before working with Amanda, my life looked great on paper, but I had struggled with extreme anxiety, years of insomnia, severe depression, and a sense of disillusionment ... feeling like there had to be more to life, but not knowing what that was or how to access it.


I've since undergone a liberating process - now instead of constantly thinking and worrying, I feel guided by what truly lights up MY soul. This has completely changed my life path. I could not be happier ... now living in a way that feels fully aligned with what the deepest part of me actually wants."

-Evan in Colorado

"I'm 40 years old now and have been in and out of talk therapy and traditional psychotherapy since I was a child. In 28 years, it just hadn't helped although I desperately wanted to heal...

Now working with Amanda, I've been able to relieve symptoms during flashbacks, to calm panic attacks, and release trauma from my body. It's like I was living in a dark forest of perpetual night and the sun is just rising for the first time."

- Alex in Oregon