Unlock the psyche-body link

Your posture, the way you carry your body during daily routines, and how you move (or don't move) tells a story about the condition of your psyche, body, and soul.


The stories of our lives are held within our body's systems, affecting the quality of our movement and how we feel as we roam the earth on a daily basis. 

Therapeutic Movement and Primal Vinyasa™ can help you release post-trauma symptoms, dissolve stress, reduce pain, transcend lethargy & fatigue, calm anxiety, and optimize your health & wellness. 


Dimensional Breath is healthy breath - it's  how we organically breathe when we are in a state of self-regulation and ease. But life is hectic and unpredictable, so most of us have gotten stuck in unhealthy breath patterns. This 9-minute practice can help you find your center again- while nourishing the systems of your body. 
Your Hips are the intersection between the head & heart, which inform and inspire you, and your legs, which move your forward to act on that information and inspiration. The mainstream yoga world often emphasizes hip flexibility, but what we really need is hip stability and healthy mobility. This 30-minute practice will enliven your hips to support you in real, practical life rather than in poses and postures you'll never need outside of class. 
Neck Alignment is essential for preventing pain such as headaches, shoulder tension, back issues, and movement dysfunction. Years of repetitive movement and habitual postures such as working on a computer, driving a car, or sitting at a desk result in chronic misalignment. Seed the intelligence of this 14-minute tutorial into your daily life, and you could reduce your chiropractic, massage, and pain medication expenses