Relationship Workshop

Energetics of Relationship
a pre-recorded online training


Emotional triggers in relationships are unavoidable, but working with your subconscious patterns can bring clarity to the challenges that were once confusing, stagnant, and demoralizing. In this workshop, you will learn to skillfully navigate:

  • Understanding the psychology of relationship conflict

  • How your subconscious blueprint is affecting your relationships 

  • How subconscious perception causes emotional cycles, stress, and conflict

  • Identifying your dissociative patterns that block personal healing and relationship breakthroughs

  • Using emotional triggers as a portal into healing and breakthrough

  • Building a loving a relationship with all parts of yourself

  • Shifting behavioral patterns with left-right brain integration

  • Self-soothing techniques that can support your healing

  • Using the psyche-body connection for healing


Participants of this training will receive: 


  • 2 hours of experiential psyche training via pre-recorded video

  • E-book with key concepts, self-inquiry exercises, and journal prompts

  • 1-hour Therapeutic Movement video to teach your psyche and body to feel safe, supported, and adaptable 

  • Post-training decompression call to help you integrate the content in your daily life 

Regular Price: $120 

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