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Reading in Nature

Raise your hand if...


✔ You have professional success, but your soul is aching - like something is missing. 

✔ You're deeply concerned about the wellness of the planet, and desperately long to improve it.  

✔ You want to channel your creative energy to leave a positive imprint for future generations. 

✔ Your motivations and views have changed & you want to align your life with your new inner world. 

✔ You've been feeling disillusioned and you're starving for inspiration & higher meaning.



Embracing Radical Change

Free Video Bundle

Whether you're craving change, or navigating a dramatic shift in your life, this free video bundle will offer you companionship and support for your psyche, body, and soul as you get clear about what you're walking away from and get intentional about the new experiences you're inviting in through this transformation. 

Spilling Sand

Golden Thread 

Monthly Membership Portal

Here's that higher meaning, connection, & expansion 

you've been craving. This monthly subscription guides you through your emotional challenges, connects you back to nature, soothes you with body-based therapy, and  teaches you how to deepen your impact in the world via our cross-cultural podcast. 

New Hires

Regenerative  Leadership 

Launching 2024!

What is your role in the ecosystem? Knowing that answer could save our planet, revolutionize our world, and widen your life's meaning

Stay tuned for the launch of this 4-part program that includes ongoing cross-cultural exchange with our indigenous Mayan community here on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. 

Holistic Therapist. Leadership Coach. Cross-cultural Educator. 

Forest Trees
Amanda Smiling Playa.heic

I'm here to show you how to shed unhealthy cultural imprints from your life, to help you undo the damage that stress has done to your psyche and body, and watch you widen your life's mission to include planetary health and regeneration. 

I'm not here to numb you up so you can return to the status quo. I'm here to help you make radical life change.

Like every natural species, embodying your purpose in the ecosystem is meant to GIVE you vitality ... not take it all away. 

I combine mind-body science, holistic psychology, leadership coaching, and cultural exchange in dynamic, one-of-a-kind programs that have never failed to deliver the breakthroughs clients were seeking. See testimonials here

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