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Amanda Blain

Holistic Clinical Therapist 

Trauma Specialist 

Leadership Coach

My reasons for being...

Psyche Body Soul is the by-product of having witnessed massive transformation in myself and those I've served. This community is living proof that natural design has the answers we need.


I live among the Mayan people of Guatemala, where I am curating a retreat center on Lake Atitlán. I work internationally as a therapist, teacher, and social development leader - roles that I could not have imagined fulfilling when I was suffering from post-traumatic stress. My lineage has endured generations of trauma, and I would become the first in my family to heal it. This transformation has enabled me to lead thousands of classes and programs in 6 countries. 

I've experienced the detriment that stigma, shame, and inadequate approaches to physical and mental health can have on individuals and families. This has inspired me to streamline transformational processes by equipping clients with education, therapy, and coaching, and by working with the psyche and body as a connected whole. 


In private sessions, we approach dis-order, dis-ease, and dis-harmony as messengers trying to communicate an unmet need. This need is usually hiding in the subconscious and is overshadowed by our busy lives and obligations. It gets masked in emotions such as shame, guilt, and unworthiness. It buries itself in avoidance patterns. Excavating the truth about what we need is the nature of my work.


It's encouraging to know that we don't have to spend hours recalling uncomfortable memories in talk therapy in order to transform. In fact, psych research now shows that talk therapy only targets the neo-cortex of the brain (conscious mind) and is an inadequate approach for lasting transformation. My approaches are different and that's why they work - even for people who were previously discouraged by decades of traditional therapy. 


Working with clients, we approach burdens as opportunities to create new identities beyond the struggle. We accept that humans undergo identity deaths, transformations, and personal rebirths throughout life. It can be helpful to first recognize which of these you are currently facing.

I am here to support you with clinical skill, compassionate holistic care, and educational therapy customized specifically for you. Together, we will find the healing opportunities within your current challenge - be it a health crisis, psycho-emotional imbalance, relationship conflict, trauma, or simply feeling confused about your life path.  Prepare to meet yourself on the other side of transformation.

Witnessing the psyche-body connection in real time...
Doctor's Appointment
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As a Patient Care Consultant working with dialysis clinics in Chicago, I observed the link between mental health and physical health. I implemented comprehensive programs to include psychological support, nutrition, and patient and family education. The clinics with which I worked began to report reductions in hospitalizations and improved outcomes. This was quantifiable evidence that addressing the psyche and body as a connected whole really works. 

I was inspired by the success of my programs, but disillusioned by industry norms that prioritized profits over impact. It was time to explore alternate paths to serve. In 2013, I joined the U.S. Peace Corps. 

Training with a mind-body scientist and a long-term AIDS survivor
House in Guinea Bissau

I was sent to Limpopo, South Africa, where I lived and worked among the Venda tribe and apprenticed with two United Nations consultants and mind-body science experts who forever changed my worldview, David Patient and Neil Orr. 

David was diagnosed with HIV in 1983, when he was told by doctors that he had maybe six months to live. At a time when modern medicine had no answers for him, he pioneered his own holistic treatment plans including nutrition, mental health support, and emotional healing. He lived another 34 years beyond his initial fatal prognosis, and was the longest living person with AIDS until 2017 when he died of other causes.


For over 20 years, David collaborated with psycho-neuro-immunologist Neil Orr on international projects for social, health, and economic development. Together they co-authored the book, The Healer Inside You. Under their tutelage, from 2013-2015, my understanding of the psyche-body link expanded beyond anything I'd learned through formal education. With their support, I launched community projects in Limpopo for nutrition, youth empowerment, and leadership development. 

Healing PTSD with body-centered therapy
Wet Feet

After 14 months of Peace Corps service, I developed debilitating asthma, inflammatory dis-ease, and a hormone imbalance. Doctors offered numerous medications, but none were effective. 

This struggle led me to Thotme, a Body-Centered Psychotherapist (trained in The Hakomi Method) and spiritual teacher, who helped me realize that I had been overworking in an unsustainable manner, which caused me to miss essential cues from my sensory system. This was a pattern stemming from unhealed trauma and a subconscious fear of "not being enough." It was time to heal myself.  


Where talk therapy seemed to reinforce my old ways of feeling and operating, body-centered therapy helped me heal from decades of trauma and gradually my symptoms disappeared.


I became inspired to help others achieve similar results, and apprenticed with Thotme for over five years while continuing education through the National Institute for the Clinical Application for Behavioral Medicine, Peter Levine's Trauma Healing program, Pat Ogden's Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Dissociation and the Body, and Bessel Van Der Kolk's Traumatic Stress Studies.

Implementing a holistic approach

In 2019, I discovered the work of Annie Adamson, founder of Primal Vinyasa® and Primal Therapeutics®. After experiencing the power of these holistic and trauma-informed modalities in my own life, I chose to become certified in each of them. 


Today my comprehensive approach incorporates aspects of Chinese Medicine, somatic psychology, sensory-motor therapy, and body-centered trauma support. My programs have proven successful for participants from all over the world who were previously discouraged by decades of traditional therapy. 


Psyche Body Soul now reaches subscribers in 13 countries. Opportunities for in-person support will expand with the launch of Primal Corazón, a retreat venue and learning center that I'm currently curating on Lake Atitlán. The center will provide a space for guests to participate in transformational programs while connecting with nature. It is anticipated to open in 2023. 

Seeing life changing results...
Sandy Beach

I am here to offer solutions that reunite us with the medicine of natural design and help us come home to our senses. 


When we learn to listen to the messages of our own sensory system, we harmonize and heal our psyche, body, and relationships. It's powerful to finally see results when nothing else seemed to help.

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