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Releasing Inner Conflict:
A Rebirth Workshop

July 31 at 12pm - 2:30 pm Mountain Time 
via Zoom or watch the recording

Customized to meet YOUR needs 

Cost: $55 

Class size is limited.

Last month's event sold out! 

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Are ready to feel at home within yourself? 

Transformation begins when we approach stress and inner conflict as a messenger for our well-being, and then learn to skillfully discourse with the stress, to discover how to unleash hidden and suppressed parts of our TRUE self. 


If you are ready to end inner conflict, and to feel truly at home and inspired within yourself, then register for Releasing Inner Conflict. 

Foggy Lake
Here's what you'll explore in this training: 

Tame the Inner Critic

Over 95% of human behavior stems from subconscious perceptions and unconscious habits. 

While seemingly negative, your inner critic is really trying to bring your sub/unconscious needs into your conscious awareness. 

Create a roadmap for discerning the underlying messages of your inner critic. 

Release Resistance

We often resist, judge, and shame our thoughts, emotions, and the sensations in our body.

Learn techniques used by the world's leading psych and trauma healing experts to rewire the subcortex of the brain. 

The result: feeling more resourced, less triggered, able to set healthy boundaries & take healthy risks


Neuroception & Healing

Neuroception allows you to sense safety and danger. Stress and trauma distort this sense - making us feel closed off when we wish to feel expanded and open.

Retrain your neuroception to create new experiences in your psyche, body, and relationships. 

Primal Vinyasa®

Experience a customized Primal Vinyasa® sequence. 

This practice has been clinically shown to optimize the functionality of the psyche and body, by reducing tension, stiffness, & chronic pain, dissolving stress, and helping to heal trauma.


The sequence will be customized to meet your needs. 

You will not be guided into personal triggers or asked to share uncomfortable information with the group. This is an informative, guided, introspective experience rooted in trauma-informed therapeutic approaches to keep the space neutral, safe, and private. 
Foggy Lake

This workshop is customized to meet the needs and goals of each participant.

This training is guided by Amanda Blain, who specializes in yogic psychology and trauma-informed therapeutic approaches through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. Amanda is also a functional and therapeutic movement coach and Yoga Alliance registered teacher certified in Primal Vinyasa® and Tantric Hatha. 

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