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Global Healing for the
Instinctive Self

FREE worldwide trauma healing workshop for  frustrated persons craving radical social change!

Live via Zoom on Sunday, November 5, 2023 at 10:00am U.S. Mountain Time

(Attend live or get the recording) 

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It's OK to be Angry...

It's even better to channel that anger into

humanitarian intensity


healing for your community! 

We've been told that anger is "bad," and that we need to "settle down," or "meditate it away." 


The wellness & spiritual communities often paint a picture of healing that looks like sitting still and being quiet. 

But those who experience the injustices of the world or who've PERSONALLY endured trauma, know that THAT advice IS NOT HELPFUL when you're stuck in a chronic state of threat perception and your animal instinct to fight or flee is in overdrive. 

Guess what? That's a totally natural response to injustice and trauma. There's nothing wrong with you for feeling that way. 


It's easy to shame ourselves when we can't shake our anger. We may even feel judged by our loved ones or by society. 

The FACT is, your anger has an ECOLOGICAL function.

It is part of your INSTINCTIVE SELF, and it's naturally designed to activate you towards a solution. 


The world's leading trauma experts know that we need to experience our anger in healthy and safe containers - to move it through our bodies... 


So we can reclaim a sense of agency inside of our psyche. 

Once we establish that agency, we can energize it.


For humanitarian causes.


For community action.

For global healing. 

In this FREE 90-minute workshop, you will: 


  • Receive holistic psychology tools for coping with anger and grief - tools that helped my clients with PTSD when NOTHING else worked. 

  • Participate in Primal Vinyasa® Movement Therapy practice to allow your survival instincts to be mobilized in a safe container, helping to heal the chronic feeling of imminent threat. 

  • Come away with body-based therapeutic tools to help prevent and heal trauma for you, your family, and your community. 

  • Connect with a global community craving radical social change! 

You will not be asked to share any of your personal details with the group, and your cameras can remain off during this event. 

Just come receive the FREE medicine and bring it home to your communities!


REGISTER below! 

Can't attend live?


Sign-up below and you'll still receive the recording! 

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