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Evan in Denver

"My life was great on paper, but I suffered from severe depression and insomnia, and a constant anxiety that kept me asking, 'is there more to life?'

With Amanda, a new world opened up for me. I was finally able to work through the subconscious patterns that were causing me to feel like I was just going through the motions each day.


It was such a liberating process that completely changed my life. I've transitioned from working at a computer from 9-5 to developing and managing my own business while working in nature everyday. 


Now, instead of constantly thinking and worrying, I'm living in a way that aligns with what the deepest parts of MY soul actually want." 

Laura in Salt Lake City

I began working with Amanda after separating from my job in the tech industry. I was ready for BIG change. I knew I hadn't done my life's most meaningful work yet … I no longer wanted to TRADE my quality of life for professional achievement. 

 When I began the 12-month program, I IMMEDIATELY noticed a difference in my day-to-day life.


I learned how to use my body as a guide for decision making. 

I began saying NO … NO to client relationships that didn’t fulfill me. NO to business demands that didn’t respect my needs and boundaries. Then, I started receiving all these new job offers…


I felt into my body to see how much room there was for ME in these opportunities. Instead of freezing in fear about “missing out,” I felt into what would bring me the most JOY.


I accepted a permanent position with a new company that ALIGNS with the higher visions for my professional potential and personal well-being. 


Working with Amanda resulted in BIG change in my life. My 8-year old daughter even enjoyed doing some of the embodiment practices with me!”

Chris in New York

"The power of Amanda's support continues to ripple in my life. I would have never been able to move beyond the job and partner that weren't allowing me to expand...


I've made some drastic shifts. My mental habits have changed. I moved to a new city and launched a new career that is far healthier for me. For once, I am thinking about myself and not being distracted by giving all of my energy away to draining relationships.


An important transformation has happened, and I would not have this level of connection in my life if it wasn't for Amanda's impact." 

Devyn in Boston

"I had gone to traditional therapy for 20 years, but the work I've done with Amanda was deeper than anything I've done before.


The nurturing space that is created when we work together allows me to be at ease.


Her scientific yet holistic approach has taught me how to become present to honor the needs of my psyche and body.


I FEEL the transformation.


I am now experiencing myself in a totally different way. It feels like a new discovery, like i just got a gift, a door unlocked. Very exhilarating!"

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