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Self-Study Sessions

Break problematic psycho-emotional patterns - Regulate your nervous system - Expand subconscious awareness

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 Your Innate Intelligence System - Self-Study Series
Launching April 19, 2021

This three-part series is delivered over the course of three weeks

To maximize the benefits of Self-Study, sessions are customized to meet the unique needs of participants

$60 for the entire series (includes 3 sessions + 1 free Primal Vinyasa® class) 


$25/individual session

Session 1:

The Felt Sense

April 19 at 6pm MT

The felt-sense as an aspect of your sensory system that offers intuitive guidance and instinctual cues. This sense can help you: 

Establish healthy boundaries and an inner sense of safety, stability, strength, and adaptability - even amid the chaos of life. Process, move, and heal stagnant psyche-body energies.

Session 2: 

Expand Your Comfort Zone

April 26 at 6pm MT

Teach your protective behaviors and defense mechanisms how to soften their grip so you can expand into new experiences in your psyche, body, and soul. 

Learn to skillfully expand your comfort zone and embody a sense of liberation as you evolve your life's unique expression.

Session 3: 

Immobilization Response

May 3 at 6pm MT

The nervous system's survival response of immobilization is at the root of so much depression, post-trauma symptoms, and suicidal ideation. 


Learn how the immobilization response behaves, what can trigger it, and how to support yourself or someone else who is experiencing it.


Primal Vinyasa® Class

Primal Vinyasa® is a trauma-informed therapeutic and functional movement system rooted in the most advanced research in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and psychology. This practice has been clinically shown to liberate practitioners from limiting habits in both psyche and body.  

Each session will be held live and also recorded on Mondays at 6pm -7pm Mountain Time

Need not attend live to register. All registrants will receive access to the online student portal with all session recordings.

All sessions led by Amanda Blain, founder of Psyche Body Soul, specializing in yogic psychology and trauma-informed therapeutic approaches through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. Amanda is also Therapeutic and Functional Movement Coach and Yoga Alliance registered teacher certified in Primal Rehabilitation, Primal Vinyasa®, and Tantric Hatha.