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Undo the damage that stress has done to your psyche and body. 

Make radical life change. 

Widen your life mission to include
planetary health and regeneration. 

"Learning to live from a certain truth of soul,

rather than the more common truth of culture."

-Stephen Harrod Buhner 

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High-level Wellness for Professionals Craving Change

Are you amid radical change and unsure about your next steps? 


Do you need to undo the damage that stress has done to your psyche and body? 

Do you feel like you haven't discovered your life's most meaningful work yet?


Reinvent yourself from the inside out in this dynamic journey that combines Mind-Body Science, Holistic Wellness, and Leadership Development. 

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Relationship Reboot for Ruptured Partnerships

Are you living in a chronic state of stress and repeating the same emotional triggers? 

Having repetitive arguments in your relationships and struggling to overcome the imprints of trauma? 


Break the cycle in this Holistic

Bio-psycho-social Therapy program that has never failed at delivering clients the breakthroughs they were seeking - even for those who struggled in decades of unsuccessful mainstream


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Advanced Trauma Skills for Wellness Practitioners

Are you a health or wellness practitioner, educator, or clinician wanting to expand your capacity to support persons with trauma? 


This program offers clinically effective strategies from the perspective of a trauma specialist who has personally healed from complex-PTSD without the use of medication. In this 1:1 training, you'll expand your understanding of trauma including the role of the Subconscious Mind, the 6 Survival Strategies, and the Sensory System. 

Train with Amanda Blain, Holistic Biopsychosocial Therapist, Stress and Trauma Specialist, and Leadership Coach

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A client told me that she felt joy inside of her body the other day ...actually FELT it inside of her... And while she has been successful in the key areas of career, parenthood, and marriage, she realized that this in-the-flesh feeling of joy had been missing from her life for years. But why? 

Constant urgency. Perfectionism. Overstimulation. Overworking. 



Although these conditions are accepted by modern culture as "normal," they're actually harmful to our psyche and bodies ... and they narrow our self-perceptions. This gets us stuck in the grind and severs us from feeling the touch of life upon us...


When we can't feel that touch, NO amount of external success can mask our lack of fulfillment. We become tormented by an inability to answer our life's most burning questions - questions about why we're here and what we're meant to do.

I'm here to show you how to shed these deadening cultural norms from your life, to help you undo the damage that this stress has done to your psyche and body, and watch you widen your life's mission to include planetary health and regeneration. 

Like every natural species, embodying your purpose in the ecosystem is meant to GIVE you vitality ... not take it all away. Don't let your culture stand in the way of you experiencing that. 

I'm not here to numb you up so you can return to the status quo. I'm here to help you make radical life change.

I combine mind-body science, holistic psychology, leadership coaching, and cultural exchange in dynamic, one-of-a-kind programs that have never failed to deliver the breakthroughs clients were seeking. See testimonials here

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